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From the Editor’s Desk

The health care environment is changing at an unprecedented pace. Nurses are challenged to come out of their “comfort Zones” and offer creative approach to old and new health problems. Nurses, today, need to go for innovative programs through research that would truly make a difference in the health status of all the people they serve. Specialised scientific knowledge base empowers the nursing profession to anticipate and meet the shifting challenges and maintain its social relevance.

The development and utilisation of nursing knowledge is essential for continued improvement in health care. Nurses increasingly are expected to adapt evidence based practice, by using research findings to make their decisions, actions and interactions effective. Another reason for nurses to engage in research involves the spiralling costs of health care and cost containment practices being instituted in health care facilities. Now, more than ever before, nurses need to document and therefore make visible the effectiveness of their practice, not only to their profession but also to the nursing care consumers, health care administrators, third party payers and government agencies. The research findings when published in scientific journals to reach wider population will help eliminate nursing actions that do not achieve desired outcomes. Other findings will help nurses identify practices that enhance health care outcomes and contain costs as well.

To promote research in nursing and to provide a channel to disseminate the results of the research done by nurses and studies done on nursing by allied professionals, Choithram College of Nursing, Indore initiated the publication of “Indian Journal of Nursing Studies” in the year 2010. IJNS is a peer reviewed journal that has been registered under Newspaper Act Vide No. MPENG/2010/36219 and also has obtained ISSN 2229-3280(print), ISSN Number- 2455-8915 (Online). Its periodicity is twice a year. The journal is regularly bringing out its issues since 2010 and subscribers list is growing longer year by year.

Now, the editorial team of IJNS has felt the need to create a website exclusively for IJNS and make the journal available on line. So, we welcome you all to browse the contents of your favourite nursing journal ‘IJNS’ online, and we also request your feedback and suggestion for improving its contents and presentation.