Current Issue

Using PICO (T) approach in Evidence Based Practice in Nursing.

– Dr. Usha Ukande Download PDF Article

The Effect of Advanced Behavioral Technique on Severity of Stress Urinary Incontinence.
– Sujata Sawant Download PDF Article


Effectiveness of Early Skin to Skin  Contact and Initiation of  Reastfeeding on Duration of Third Stage of Labor  among Mothers.
– Renuka Patel Download PDF Article

Study to Explore the Effect of Relaxation Therapy on Level of Stress among Hypertensive Patients Admitted in Medical Ward at Selected Hospital, Hassan.
– Ghanshyam Jangir Download PDF Article

Effect of Motivational Enhancement Therapy on Volatile Solvent Abuse Participants.
– Pavan Kumar Gauttam Download PDF Article

A Qualitative Study- Pre Hospital Experiences and Responses of Patients at First Stage of Myocardial Infarction.
– Dharmesh Chaturvedi Download PDF Article

Prevalence of Radiotherapy Induced Skin Reactions among Cancer Patients: A Descriptive Survey.
– Shatrughan Pareek Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Audio Video Assisted Humor on Reduction of Perceived Stress among Elderly at Selected Oldage Home, Tirupati.
– Manasa Trinath Download PDF Article

A Mixed Method Study to Assess the Barriers towards Drug Regimen among Non-Compliant Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients.
– Shalet Susan Shaji Download PDF Article

A Study to Assess The Effectiveness of Benson’s Relaxation Therapy on Stress among B.Sc Nursing First Year Students of Selected Nursing College at Jaipur Rajasthan.
– Virendra Singh Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Coping Skills Training in Reducing Examination Stress among School Students.
– Christy Abish Download PDF Article

Case Report

Plasma  Cell  Leukemia- A Case Report.
– Ashly Elizabeth Emmanuel Download PDF Article

Autism Speaks Loudly to Those who Listens Carefully.
– Arya & Salina Download PDF Article

Beyond Nursing:
Nature’s Healing Power
– Dr. Usha Ukande Download PDF Article