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General Issue

Effectiveness of Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy among O.C.D. Patients
– Mr. Vikas Upadhyay, Mrs.Blessy Antony Download PDF Article

Effect of Parturient Position on Labour Pain Among Mothers
– Mrs. Vinita S., Dr. Usha Ukande Download PDF Article

Protein Energy Malnutrition Among School Going Children at Rural Community and Urban Slum
– Mrs. Sapna Thakur, Prof. Achamma Varghese Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of STP on Knowledge and Practice regarding ET Suctioning among Staff Nurses 
– Mrs. Rashmi Philips, Mrs. Prema Pau Download PDF Article

Health Seeking Behaviour Pattern of Women of the Reproductive Age
– Dr. Usha Ukande, Dr. A.V. RamanDownload PDF Article

Concept Articles:

Theoretical Framework in Clinical Nursing Research 
– Dr. A.V. Raman Download PDF Article

A Case Study: A Research Approach 
– Mrs. Uma HandaDownload PDF Article

Maternal & Child Health Nursing Including Community Health Nursing

Concept Article: Midwifery Model of Care(MMC)
– Dr.Manju Chhugani, Prof. Bandana Bhattacharya Download PDF Article

Planned Teaching Program on the Use of Partograph among Trained Midwives
– Soney N. Toppo, Dr. Usha Ukande, Dr. Neelu Soni Download PDF Article

Prevalence of Postpartum Blues among Mothers
– Blessy Antony, Dr. G.S.ReddyDownload PDF Article

Infrared Radiation Therapy Vs Warm Sitz Bath on Level of Pain in Episiotomy Wound
– Prof. Vijayalakshmi J., Prof. A. JayasudhaDownload PDF Article

Impact of Physical Health of Antenatal Mothers on Their Neonates
– Prof. Achamma Varghese, Prof. Prema D’souzaDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of STP on Knowledge & Practice Among Mothers of Low Birth Weight Babies Regarding Kangaroo Mother Care
– Shreeja Vijayan, Prof. Achamma Varghese, Dr. G.R. Passi Download PDF Article

Knowledge of Nurses Regarding Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)
– Yogendra GargDownload PDF Article

Structured Teaching Program on the Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Burns among the Mothers of Toddlers
-Nisha Sam, Prof. Achamma Varghese, Dr. S. ChamaniaDownload PDF Article

Structured Teaching Program on the Knowledge of Mothers of “Under Five Children” on Malnutrition
-Pankaj Kale, Aradhana Michael, Dr. G.S. HaridasDownload PDF Article

Effect of Yoga on the Memory and Attitude of Students.
-Sheetal Saxena, Aradhana Michael, Dr. Hemant SharmaDownload PDF Article

Medical Surgical Nursing

Concept Article: Nurse and Nursing: Evolution and Future
– Dr. Rajinder Mahal, Dr. Usha Ukande, Anju P. Shaju Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Cold Application, Heparinoid Application and Magnesium-sulphate Application on Superficial Thrombophlebitis Among Patients
– Bharat Saini, Prema Paul Download PDF Article

Sleep Disturbance among Patients Admitted in ICU
– Suresh K. Sharma, Jasbir KaurDownload PDF Article

Structured Teaching Program on Foot Care For Type II Diabetic Patients
– Sonali Kumawat, Dorwin Martin,Manju JoshiDownload PDF Article

Knowledge and Practice among Care Givers of Haemodialysis Patients Regarding Home Management 
– Manju Joshi, Prema Paul, Dr Pradeep SalgiaDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Home Care Management of Stroke Patients by Care Givers 
– Mukta Khanwalkar, Dorwin Martin, Manju JoshiDownload PDF Article

Knowledge and Practice Regarding Cervical Cancer among Married Women
– Varsha Hariharan, Soney.N.Toppo, Smita Joel Download PDF Article

Job Satisfaction Among Staff Nurses Working in the Department of Accident and Emergency Services of a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India
– Jeyalindha Christopher, Leah Macaden Download PDF Article

Structured Teaching Programme on Rehabilitation of COPD Patients among Staff Nurses
– Anju Lata Rai, Manju Joshi, Dr. G. C. Bhatia Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Peripheral Intravenous Infusion among Staff Nurses
– Dorwin Martin, Manju Joshi, Dr. Nikhilesh Jain Download PDF Article

Protocol on Pre and Post Operative Nursing Management of Cardiac Surgery 
– Narayani Sahu, Manju Joshi Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Biomedical Waste Management among Sanitary Workers in Selected Hospitals at Puducherry
– Prof.G. Muthamilselvi Download PDF Article

Mental Health Nursing

Concept Article: Trends in Mental Health Care in India
– Dr. RamchandraDownload PDF Article

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy fo Patients with Depression
– Asha Chacko, Blessy Antony, M.K. AcharyaDownload PDF Article

Effect of Psycho Education on Drug Compliance
– Bharti S. Batra, Blessy Antony, M.K. AcharyaDownload PDF Article

Effect of Memory Retraining Among Elderly Diagnosed with Mild Dementia
– Sweta Bhoskar, Blessy Antony, M.K. AcharyaDownload PDF Article

Parent Effectiveness Training for Parents having Children with Behavioral Problems
– Deepika Pathak, Vinu Nair, M.K. AcharyaDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy among Anxiety Patients
– Sini Punnoose, Blessy Antony, Anila GangradeDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module (SIM) on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) among the Relatives of the Mentally Ill Patients
– Siva Suramanina, MuthukumariDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Teaching Learning Module for School Teachers on Knowledge Regarding Behavioral Therapy for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
– Annapoorna S.H., K. JeyabarathiDownload PDF Article

Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Ill Effects of Tobacco Consumption among the Forth Class Workers
– Jyoti Shrivastava, Blessy Antony, Anila GangradeDownload PDF Article

Identification of Perceived Stressors among Hospitalized Patients 
– Shailendra Ghosh, BLessy Antony, Dr. Pankaj JainDownload PDF Article

Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Parents Regarding Selected Emotional and Behavioural Problem in Children
– Vinu Nair, Blessy Antony, Anila GangradeDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Relaxation Techniques on Level of Care Burden among Parents of Thalassemia Children
– Archana Masih, Blessy Antony, M.K. AcharyaDownload PDF Article

Holistic Nursing

Concept Article: Complementary and Alternative Medicines; A Conceptual Approach Towards Holistic Nursing
– Dr. A.K. JainDownload PDF Article

Concept Article: What is Holistic Health? A layman’s guide to the concept of holistic health.
– Sister (Dr.) Celine PayyappillyDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Shavasana on Blood Pressure of Antenatal Mothers Having Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
– Tripti Soni, Usha Ukande, Hemant SharmaDownload PDF Article

A New Methodology for Clinical Research in Holistic Healing
– Sister (Dr.) Celine PayyappillyDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of VATP Regarding Alternative Therapies on Menopausal Symptoms among Perimenopausal Women
– Marie Pinto, Dr. Baburao R. Nilgar Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Psycho Educative Intervention on Depression among Cancer Patients
– G. Vimala Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Abdominal Effleurage on Labor Pain Intensity During 1st Stage of Labor among Parturients 
– Nissi Mathew, Soney Neeraj Toppo, Varsha Hariharan Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Relaxation Response Technique on Aggression among Adolescents
– Poonam Gupta, Achamma Varghese, Dr. Hemant SharmaDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Acupressure Therapy (SP6 Point) on Labor Pain and Cervical Dilatation During First Stage of Labor among Parturients
– Kaveri Ben Pandaya,Soney Neeraj Toppo, Varsha HariharanDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Foot Reflexology on Intensity of Pain among Cancer Patients
– Hemanta Saramma, Rashmi Phillips, Dr. Aarti Kaul PatelDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Back Massage on Lactation among Immediate Postnatal Mothers
– Vincy Vincent, Prof. Achamma Varghes,Shreeja VijayanDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Yoga Practices and Calcium Supplement on the Backache among Menopausal Women
– Venice Mairya David, Aradhana Michael, Hemant SharmaDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Birthing Ball Exercise on Labor Pain Intensity and Cervical Dilatation During 1st Stage of Labor among Parturients
– Yasmin Mansoori, Soney .N. Toppo, Varsha HariharanDownload PDF Article

Nursing Education & Practice

Concept Article: Area of Research Required in Care for the Elderly and in Nursing Education
– Nancy FernandesDownload PDF Article

Problem Based Learning Vs Case Study Presentation which is More Effective?
– Soumya Jacob, Dr. Bharti. MDownload PDF Article

Factors Influencing Nurse’s Participation in Clinical Research and Awareness on Ethical Aspects
– T. SivabalanDownload PDF Article

Readiness for Self Directed Learning: A Comparative Study
– Manju Joshi, Dr. Usha UkandeDownload PDF Article

Simulation-Based Training For Fresh Nurse Graduates.
– Madayag, T. Herbert, J., Rose, S., Samuel, S. Isaac S., *Lance J.Download PDF Article

Protocol for Staff Nurses: Nursing Management of Patients Undergoing Angioplasty
– Shweta Pattnaik, Manju Joshi, Dr. Sagheer AhmadDownload PDF Article

Self Instruction Module on Knowledge of Nursing Personnel: Assessment and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
– Dilshada WaniDownload PDF Article

Stress Management Protocol: Perceived Level of Stress in Professional and Non-Professional Students
– Mahipal SinghDownload PDF Article

Best Method of Learning Perceived By Students: Pedagogy Vs Andragogy
– Varsha Hariharan, Dr. Usha UkandeDownload PDF Article

Structured Teaching Program: Knowledge and Interpretation of ECG Among the Staff Nurses
– Ansy Laby, Mrs.Manju Joshi, Dr. Sagheer AhmedDownload PDF Article

Expectation of Elderly and Meeting their Daily Needs
– Nancy FernandesDownload PDF Article

Protocol on Peripheral Intravenous Infusion in Children for Staff Nurses.
– Surbhi Royna.Dulare, Prof.A.VargheseDownload PDF Article

Instructional Module on the Knowledge of Nurses: Legal Responsibilities in Relation to Patient Care
– Mahesh SharmaDownload PDF Article

Healthy Motherhood

Concept Article: Autonomous Midwifery Care
– Dr. Vijaya KrishnanDownload PDF Article

Knowledge and Attitude of Women Diagnosed with Infertility towards IVF, Surrogacy and Adoption
– Shanthi Priya Lobo Download PDF Article

Effectiveness of Educational Program on Husbands Support during Labour among Husbands of Parturient in First Stage of Labour
– Sonia SamuelDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Breast Crawl as A Diversional Therapy for Reduction of Pain in Primipara Women During Episiotomy Suturing 
– Delphina GuravDownload PDF Article

Reproductive Health: Awareness and Practices of Adolescent Girls
– Kaushlya PatidarDownload PDF Article

Do the Mothers Have Knowledge Regarding Antenatal Care, Intranatal Care & Postnatal Care.
– Vanita KujurDownload PDF Article

Effect of Music Therapy on Amount of Expressed Breast Milk and Anxiety among Mothers of Babies in NICU
– Rohini AnekarDownload PDF Article

Why Nursing Students are Not Confident in Conducting Deliveries?
– Prof. Smriti ManiDownload PDF Article

Structure Teaching Program Through Pamphlet on Knowledge & Practice Regarding Expression of Breast Milk and its Storage Among Working Antenatal Mothers
– Nice KurienDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Postnatal Exercises among Caesarean Mothers
– S.R RajithaDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Acupressure Therapy (SP6 Pressure Point) in the Intensity of Dysmenorrhoea among Nursing Students
– Sujata DakeyDownload PDF Article

Perceived Stressors and Coping Strategies Adopted by Women with Gynaecological Cancers.
– Nancy ZDownload PDF Article

Theme:Theory Testing and Application

Application of Dorothy Johnson’s Theory
-Nancy FernandesDownload PDF Article

Benner’s and Wrubel’s Theory of Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice
– Dr. Usha UkandeDownload PDF Article

Trajectory Theory of Nursing
– Manju JoshiDownload PDF Article

Survival Theory of Psychotherapy
– Tomas M. MadayagDownload PDF Article

Health Promotion Model by Nola Pender
– Sheetal SaxenaDownload PDF Article

Application of Mercer’s, ‘Becoming A Mother’ (BAM) Theory in Postnatal Nursing Care
– Dr. A.V RamanDownload PDF Article

Theory of Transpersonal Human Caring; Jean Watson
– Achamma VargheseDownload PDF Article

Theme:General Issue

Concept Article: Nurses & Clinical Trials
– Blessy AntonyDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Coping Skill Therapy among Anxious Adolescents in Selected Schools 
– Benson BennyDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Foot reflexology on Psychological Wellbeing of Elderly Residing in Selected Old age Homes
– Preethy MaryDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Lamaze Technique on Pain and Anxiety of Primigravida Mothers during First Stage of Labor
– Anitha MoncyDownload PDF Article

Screening of Infertility Cases and the Factors Associated with Infertility among Couples Visiting the Obstetrics and Gynaecological OPD
– Merlin.V.ChristieDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Family Centered Care in Developing Independency and Improve Satisfaction Level of Parents in the Care of Their Children Aged 6-12 Years 
– Deepkant ChaturvediDownload PDF Article

Effect of Video Assisted Teaching and Demonstration on Complementary Feeding Practices among Mothers of Infants 7-12 Months and Anganwadi Workers
– Rachana PariharDownload PDF Article

Infant Feeding Practices and the Underlying Factors among Primigravida Mothers
– Arunjyoti DuttaDownload PDF Article

Assess the Quality of Life of Chronic Renal Failure Patients Undergoing Heamodialysis Treatment
– Anju NairDownload PDF Article

Efficacy of Pursed Lip Breathing and Expiratory Muscle Training to Relieve Exertional Dyspnea among COPD Patients
– Joseph M.K.Download PDF Article

Risk for Cardiovascular Diseases among Menopausal Women
– Elizabeth Mary ChandyDownload PDF Article

Effectiveness of Hot Versus Cold Compress For Reducing Intravenous Tissue Infiltration
– Rabha JayanteeDownload PDF Article

Stress, Maladjustment and Coping among Nursing Students: A Systematic Review
– Prof. Blessy Antony, Dr. Usha Ukande Download Abstract

Develop and Standardize Tool to Assess the Malnutrition in Children: A Systematic Review
– Prof. Aradhana Michael, Dr. Usha Ukande Download Abstract

Knowledge Retarding Family Life Education among College Going Students: A Systematic Review
– Seema Yadav, Dr. Usha Ukande Download Abstract

Develop and Standardize Tool to Assess Quality of Life among Children Suffering with Thalassemia: A Systematic Review
– Prof. Achamma Varghese, Dr. Usha Ukande Download Abstract

Influence of Self Instructional Module of Psychological Factors Affecting Nutritional Status to Change the Behaviour for the Prevention of Anemia among Adolescent Girls: A Systematic Review
– Prof. Chintamani Chouhan, Dr. Usha Ukande Download Abstract

Feasibility Study of Nurse Led Diabetic Clinic in Hospitals and Communities: A systematic Review
– Prof. Manju Joshi, Dr. Usha Ukande Download Abstract

Development of Patients DVT Risk Assessment Tool Using Modified Delphi Technique
– Rupinder Kaur, Kapil Sharma Download Abstract

Correlation between Bone Mass Density and Thyrotropin Hormone in Postmenopausal Women
– Arindam Bose, Dr. Dhananjay.S.Chitnis, Nanda Hemvani Download Abstract

Editorial – Download Article
– Dr. Usha Ukande

Family Nursing Intervention on Perceived Stress, Wellness and Program Satisfaction among Family Members of Schizophrenia – Download Article
– Prof. Roja Princy

Maternal Competence among Mothers of Preterm and Term Infants- Download Article
– Liji George

A Cross Sectional study to Assess the Nutritional Status of Rural Population in Odisha – A “MUST” Screening – Download Article
– Vijay VR

Effectiveness of Music Therapy on Blood Pressure and Anxiety among Haemodialysis Patients – Download Article
– Jini Varghese

Knowledge and Attitude of Mothers Regarding Management of Selected Minor Ailments in Neonates – Download Article
– Saranya S

Effectiveness of Self-Instructional Module (SIM) on Knowledge Regarding Oral Anticoagulant Therapy among cardiac patients – Download Article
– Karuna Tamang

Knowledge of Nurses Regarding Transcultural Nursing – Download Article
– Nancy Fernandes Pereira

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program Through Booklet on Knowledge Regarding Preconception Care among Women – Download Article
– Poonam Patel

Knowledge Level of Application of Information Technology in Nursing Education and Nursing Practice among  B.Sc Nursing Students & Staff Nurses – Download Article
– Achamma Varghese

Level of Assertiveness among Staff Nurses – Download Article
– Anurag Bhai Patidar

Prevalence and Causes of Protein Energy Malnutrition among Children Aged 1 to 5 Years – Download Article
– Mahaveer Swarnkar

Effect of Garden Cress Seeds (Lepidium Sativum) on Haemoglobin Level among Adolescent Girls – Download Article
– Sumi. T. Samuel

Beyond Nursing: on Creativity – Download Article
– Dr. Usha Ukande

Editorial – Download Article

– Dr. Usha Ukande

Concept Article: Psychiatric Nursing Practices in India: Past, Present & Future  – Download Article

– Dr. K. Lalitha

Research Studies:

Play therapy in children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders: A pilot study  – Download Article

– Achla D Gaikwad

Effect of Mindfulness Based Vipassana Meditation on Level of Stress among Nursing Students  – Download Article

– Anuja Thampan

Need for Aggression Management and Violence Prevention Training Program for Nurses working in Psychiatric setting: A Qualitative Inquiry  – Download Article

– Binil.V

Effect of Bibliotherapy on Level of Depression and Stress among Elderly  – Download Article

– Blessy Thomas

Psychosocial Burden in Parents of Children with Anorectal Malformation  – Download Article

– Smriti Rekha Khound

Effect of Yoga on Quality of Sleep and Psychological Well- Being among Elderly  – Download Article

– Lovin Mathew

Effect of Touch Therapy on Depression among Elderly  – Download Article

– Shanmugam Rajamani

Effect of meditation on the level of stress, anxiety and quality of life among patients with common skin disorders  – Download Article

– Sumit kumar M.

Emotional Intelligence and Academic Stress among Adolescent Boys and Girls  – Download Article

– Manasa Trinath

Effectiveness of Creativity Program in increasing the creativity level among school children  – Download Article

– Shijo Mathew

Prevalence, Pattern and Factors Influencing Tobacco Use among School Children  – Download Article

– Geeta Baishya

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program Regarding Prenatal Factors affecting Childhood Mental Disorders among Primi Gravida Mothers  – Download Article

– Liji Jiju

Guest Editorial – Download Article

– Dr. A.V. Raman

Editorial – Download Article

– Dr. Usha Ukande

Concept Article: Birthing Naturally – Download Article

– Dr. Sirish Rao, Dr.Evita Fernandez

Research Studies:

Effectiveness of Midwifery Case Management (MCM) Software on the Knowledge of Obstetrical/Midwifery Management among Trained Nurses & Midwives – Download Article

– Rachna Joshi

Effectiveness of “Tele Moms” A Text Messaging Program on Knowledge and Health Attitude of Pregnant Women on selected Hospitals and Urban Communities of Indore – Download Article

– Persis Raju

Effect of Noise Control Methods on Physiological Stability and Comfort of Preterm Babies Admitted in NICU – Download Article

– Anju P Shaju

Effectiveness of Lactation Management Training Programme for Nurses – Download Article

-Ranjani P

Nurses Perspective and Attitude on Family Centered Care – Download Article

– Jiby Abraham

Effect of Acupressure at LI-4 Level on Intensity of Pain during Intravenous Cannula Insertion among Children of 1-6 Years – Download Article

– Merin Babu

Effect of Infrared Radiation Therapy on Wound Healing & Pain among Post Natal Mothers Undergone Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS) – Download Article

– Prachi Awasthi

Natural Child Birthing Center (NCBC): An Initiative towards Empowering Women & Midwives – Download Article

– Dr. Usha Ukande

Verbal Autopsy: When A Mother Doesn’t Remain A Mother – Download Article

– Ratna Parmar

Case Vignette: A Positive Heart Wins All the Way – Download Article

– Sneha M George

Poetry…..Midwives & Mothers – Download Article

Beyond Nursing……Practical Spirituality – Download Article

– Dr. Usha  Ukande

Editorial – Download Article

– Dr. Usha Ukande

Research Studies:

Personality Traits, Stressful Life Events & Physical Health of Substance Abusers- A pilot survey – Download Article

– Rajesh Kumar

Effect of bladder retraining therapy on urinary incontinence among female senior citizens – Download Article

– Simi Mariam Thomas

Burnout Among Nursing Staffs of Tertiary Care Teaching Hospitals. – Download Article

– Aruna Doley

Lived experiences of women with domestic violence and its effect on their physical and mental health – Download Article

– Anupama Chaurasia

Effectiveness of video assisted teaching programme on worm infestation among mothers of Under Five Children. – Download Article

– Suja Baby

Effect of selected yogasanas on quality of life of women undergoing infertility treatment – Download Article

– Chinchu P. Thomas

Level of depression among the mothers of children with Leukemia admitted in Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati, Assam – Download Article

– Dhanjita Deka

Effect of foot reflexology on vital parameters among hypertensive patients – Download Article

– Vinaya Anjaly Thomas

Practice and perceived barriers of nurses in adopting post insertion care bundle  in prevention of central line associated blood stream infection – Download Article

– Jeethu Merin Jose

Medication error  rate and barriers in reporting – Download Article

– Suby Varghese

A Study To Assess Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Parental Involvement Among Nursing Students. – Download Article

– Yashpreet, Kaur

Beyond Nursing:  “Gravity and Grace” – Download Article

– Dr. Usha  Ukande